What Is Wonderland (Time) Staking?

What is a Wonderland (TIME) and how to make money staking it?

Wonderland is the first decentralized reserve currency protocol available on the Avalanche Network based on the TIME token. Each TIME token is backed by a basket of assets (e.g., MIM, TIME-AVAX LP Tokens etc etc) in the Wonderland treasury, giving it an intrinsic value that it cannot fall below. Wonderland also introduces economic and game-theoretic dynamics into the market through staking and minting. Check whole documentation HERE

How to buy TIME?

Once you already know what is Wonderland DeFi I have to buy it from crypto exchanges. There are two options: Buy AVAX and swap it for TIME, or buy directly TIME.

First Option
1 Step — Buy AVAX (Avalanche) from KuCoin/Binance
2 Step — Transfer AVAX to Metamask
3 Step — Go to TraderJoe and Swap AVAX for TIME
(Leave around 0.05 AVAX for a gas fee)
KuCoin — because they have a good rate and low fees.
Binance — because they have a lot of options to buy AVAX: Crypto (BTC, USDT, BUSD) and Fiat (EUR, AUD etc)

Second option
1 Step — Go to Hotbit and buy TIME. But for that option, You need some AVAX into your Metamask wallet to pay for a gas fee for staking and unstacking (when you decide to withdraw your time from the pool)

Use your TIME to stake it into Wonderland.money

Now you are ready to stake your TIME token and receive compound interest of APY 82,833.2% what is insane.

How much you can earn?

This depends on how much money you can invest. I recommend you to invest as much as you can lose if something goes wrong. DeFi projects are very good and unique but are new and nobody would grant you profit. Let’s back to them about how much you can earn.
For example, if you invest $1,000 you will have $1728.63 or $728.63 profit after only 30 days using the formula of 1,000 × 1.0061⁹⁰. “1.0061” because every 8 hours you earn 0.61% interest and “90” because you have 30 days by 3 times (8 hours)


As I told you earlier this is not financial advice. Make your additional research before starting this project to make sure you are filling well when investing money. The Crypto market is very volatile and the price of the current toke or even the whole market could drop by 20–30% rapidly and then back to the same level or higher.

Some links are referrals. You may receive an additional discount to use them, but you are NOT required to use them. If so I will appreciate it. Thank you!




I am Affiliate and Digital Marketing entusiast

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Robert Smith

Robert Smith

I am Affiliate and Digital Marketing entusiast

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